Selection criteria

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The selection criteria are based on the following parameters:


Priority is given to topics related to the most current versions of Drupal, with the general priority being Drupal 10, followed by Drupal 8/9.


These are the proposed themes, although others are accepted:

  • Development
  • Testing
  • Systems
  • Theming
  • Business
  • Contributing / Mentoring
  • Work methodologies / Project management
  • Site Building
  • Marketing
  • Others


The choice of presentation language is at the discretion of each speaker, with no preference from the organizing committee.


Each session will consider whether it is aimed at attendees with a technical profile (programming, systems, etc.), or if it is intended for a general audience. Both in English and Spanish, the aim is to establish the same number of talks of both types at each moment so that a person with a non-technical profile can always attend a talk in their language.

It will be considered whether the session requires prior knowledge about Drupal, in terms of site building, theming, development, etc. In general, talks of this type will be prioritized to be given in English, leaving talks in Spanish more suitable for attendee profiles that are being introduced to or starting to discover Drupal.


Regardless of the number of sessions proposed by each person, the content of them will be valued. In the case that a person with several sessions/workshops suggested gets multiple sessions/workshops accepted, they will be asked if they can prepare all the content. If affirmative, they may deliver all that is accepted. If not, they will have to choose, with 2 being the maximum number of talks and/or workshops that they can present.

Proposals that comply with what is described in the Speaker's Guide will be positively valued.


There will be a jury of people with experience in organizing and participating in Drupal events and other technologies.