About DrupalCamp Spain

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What is DrupalCamp?

DrupalCamp is a conference held in various cities around the world, open to anyone interested in Drupal, regardless of their experience level. It offers a wide range of activities, including talks, workshops, hands-on sessions, and panel discussions. Topics covered range from basic concepts to advanced developments, including the latest trends, techniques, and best practices in the Drupal ecosystem.

What to Expect at DrupalCamp?

At DrupalCamp, you can expect:

1.- Talks and Presentations: Experts from the Drupal community and guest speakers share their knowledge on various topics, from development to design and project management.
2.- Hands-on Workshops: Interactive sessions where you can learn practical Drupal skills and techniques.
3.- Networking Sessions: Opportunities to meet and connect with other members of the Drupal community, allowing you to build valuable contacts.
4.- Contribution Sprints: Activities for contributing to the Drupal project, working together to improve the software.
5.- Social Events: A chance to relax and socialize with other attendees in a more informal setting.

Why Attend DrupalCamp?

DrupalCamp is more than just a technical event, it's an opportunity to:

1.- Learn and Enhance Your Skills: Whether you're a beginner or an expert, there's always something new to learn at DrupalCamp.
2.- Grow Your Professional Network: Meeting other people in the industry can open doors to new career opportunities or collaborations.
3.- Contribute to the Community: If you're interested in giving back to the Drupal community, DrupalCamp provides the opportunity to get involved and collaborate.
4.- Stay Updated: Drupal is a constantly evolving system, and attending DrupalCamp helps you stay up to date with the latest trends and developments.

The DrupalCamp event is a diverse, vibrant and valuable event for anyone interested in Drupal, offering a unique combination of learning, community, and fun.


Why Attend DrupalCamp Benidorm 2024?

1.- Stunning Location: Benidorm is renowned for its sunny climate and beautiful beaches. This event allows you to enjoy the surroundings while learning about Drupal, making it an educational and recreational experience.
2.- Relevant Content: DrupalCamp Benidorm 2024 will feature a wide range of talks, workshops, and hands-on sessions. From introductory topics to advanced technologies, you'll find content suitable for your level of experience.
3.- Networking and Connections: As one of the major Drupal events in Spain, you'll have the opportunity to connect with professionals from across the country and abroad. This can lead to new career opportunities and collaborations.
4.- Community Participation: DrupalCamp Benidorm offers activities for contributing to the Drupal community. If you're interested in getting involved and collaborating with other developers, this is the ideal place to do so.
5.- Social Events: In addition to the technical activities, DrupalCamp will include social events where you can relax and meet other attendees in a more informal setting. This creates a perfect balance between learning and entertainment.
6.- Renowned Speakers: DrupalCamp Benidorm typically attracts experts and leaders from the Drupal community as speakers. Hearing their experiences and insights is a unique opportunity to gain valuable information.

The DrupalCamp Benidorm in 2024 is an exceptional opportunity to learn, connect, and enjoy the Drupal community in a diverse, unique and welcoming environment.

How Long Does DrupalCamp Last?

DrupalCamp in Spain typically lasts three days, organized as follows:

Day 1

Business Day: A meeting space where Drupal is presented as a technological solution to help businesses achieve their goals, and also a day for sharing experiences, visions, and ways of working. It is a day oriented towards business and management profiles.

Training: Training activities are usually not only introductory but also advanced and on specialized elements related to Drupal.

Days 2 and 3

Workshops and talks: During these days, talks on multiple topics (Front-end, Back-end, DevOps, usability, design, accessibility, security, management, site building, etc.) as well as workshops on Drupal development and use will take place.

Networking events: During these days, there are several opportunities to connect with others interested in Drupal-related topics, as well as an excellent chance to meet Drupal professionals nationally and internationally.

How Many DrupalCamps Have Been Organized in Spain?

The Spanish Drupal community has organized the following events, each attended by about 300 people annually:

DrupalCamp Spain 2023 in Seville

DrupalCamp Spain 2022 in Zaragoza

Drupal Day 2019 in Zaragoza

DrupalCamp Spain 2019 in Conil de la Frontera

DrupalCamp Spain 2018 in Alicante

Drupal Day 2017 in Cáceres

DrupalCamp Spain 2017 in Madrid

Drupal Day 2016 in Santiago de Compostela

DrupalCamp Spain 2016 in Granada

Drupal Day 2015 in Murcia

DrupalCamp Spain 2015 in Jerez de la Frontera

Drupal Day 2014 in Bilbao

DrupalCamp Spain 2014 in Valencia

DrupalCamp Spain 2013 in Cáceres

Drupal Day 2013 in Santander

DrupalCamp Spain 2012 in Madrid

Drupal Day 2012 in Valencia

DrupalCamp Spain 2011 in Seville

Drupal Day 2011 in Barcelona

DrupalCamp Spain 2010 in Barcelona

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